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Expert Teachers
At Ghodaghodi Multiple Campush Our teachers act as mentors and facilitators, nurturing the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of their students.

At Ghodaghodi Multiple Campush Our computer lab is a cutting-edge facility designed to empower students with the latest technology connected in the network, supported by suitable and required application software and internet.

At Ghodaghodi Multiple Campush Our dedicated librarians provide guidance and assistance, ensuring students can effectively navigate this vast repository of information..

The School has its own cafeteria provides hygienic and healthy food at reasonable price. The cafeteria is clean and well furnished. It provides pure drinking filtered water to students to avoid water- borne diseases. Food can be had on daily or monthly payment basis.

The school offers a well managed boarding facility for both boys and girls. The hostel has a good environment for studies. It provides hygienic living, healthy food and good care to the students.

The school offers the special arrangement for day boarders who spend the entire day at school-have breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Extra study guidance and regular tuition classes are provided to the day boarders.

First Aid
The school has arrangement for providing first aid to the students when required. Medical facilities are also available in the school for all minor injuries and sickness.