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Master’s Program

GMC Master’s program began in 2070 BS, with MA Sociology and MBS in annual system. MA English has been added since 2074, and M Ed Nepali/ Health in the year 2075. All the Master’s programs are affiliated to TU, and all of the programs have been transformed into semester system from the year 2075.

Master’s Level (all semester programs)

  • Master of Arts (MA) in English
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology/Anthropology
  • Master of Business Studies (MBS)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed) in Nepali
  • Master of Education (M.Ed) in Health

For the enrollment in the courses, students need to attend and pass the entrance exam as conducted by the respective Dean’s Office of the university. Students can fill entrance exam form and appear in the exam through and in the GMC exam centre. The quota for enrollment is 40 as prescribed by the university.

The course or the syllabi can be downloaded from the respective Dean’s Office websites of TU.

MBS Program

The Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University has its ultimate objective of educating students for professional pursuits in business, industry, and government. It is further dedicated to contributing for enhancing the knowledge and understanding of business and public administration. In this pursuit, the faculty aims to develop networking with management institutes in the country and abroad to exchange new knowledge…

MBS Program Objectives

The objective of the MBS program is to equip students with high level innovative managerial skills and competency.  They are trained to meet the demand of higher level managers in organizations, particularly in the functional areas of management. Upon graduation, a student should be able to function as a manager in business, industry, government and non-government sectors, within and outside the country, in areas like accounting, marketing, finance and general management. The MBS program specifically aims to:

  1. Equip students with required conceptual knowledge of business and management. 
  2. Prepare managers in the functional areas of management.
  3. Develop knowledge and skill of business environment in national and global perspective.
  4. Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
  5. Develop research capability in students.            
  6. Prepare foundation for advanced studies and research in management.

Curriculum Structure

The Faculty of Management, GMC, has recognized the sensitivity and depth of the academic pattern as envisioned by the university. The MBS is a four semester program with three key components: (1) core courses, (2) specialization courses, and (3) a dissertation. 

1. Core Courses 

Core business courses integrate all analytical and functional areas and provide students with an appreciation of the diversity and inter-relationship of business and management issues. It includes subjects such as Research Methodology, Statistical Methods, Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Managerial Finance, Management Accountancy, Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control, Marketing Management, Production and Operations Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management and Business Environment.

2. Specialization Courses

Specialization in any one of the areas, such as, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Management enables the student to develop expertise in his/her concentration area.

3. Dissertation

The MBS program requires students to conduct original research work during the four semesters of the two-year study period. Students are required to write a dissertation based on their original research work. Students writing dissertation are encouraged to write their dissertation within the selected specialization area. 

 Eligibility Conditions for Admission

The students applying for admission to MBS course must have successfully completed the BBS program or a Bachelor’s degree on any discipline from TU or from any other university recognized by TU. The students must appear and pass the entrance exam conducted by TU, Faculty of Management, for the enrollment in the program.